Sunday, 27 October 2013

Next firing.

I've been thinking about the next firing.  The shelves of pots are filling up a bit.

There are a few things there that I wanted to make more of.  The oil bottles and the hanging vases, for a start.  After the last firing, I knew some clays worked better than others.  The Svend Bayer clay worked very well.  Here's a mug, with a wonky rim - I've made another five, although they aren't as wide as this one.

I made a couple of large-ish jugs.  I am still a bit unsure about whether these are good or not.  I put them on facebook and some people said they're fine.  But fine isn't good enough.  I need to make money or won't be making any more pots, and there's no point in firing things that are just 'fine'!  But they'll probably make the cut.

I've also been making these jars.  They don't look much in the photos and are better in real life.  They are thrown out cylinders, and some of them have a texture added before I pull them in to a shape.  I quite like them.  I think the texture should take the soda well.

I have also mixed a clay body based on a slip I used in the last firing, that took the soda in ways I quite liked.  I threw a few small bowls and cylinders as test pieces, to put through out the kiln.  It's nice to throw with - looks alarmingly dark grey but should bisque to white.  I has the magic silica to alumina ratio of 2.7.

And the firing itself will consist of one of these two large pots (which I have bisqued already), the two jugs, and whatever else will fit.  It'll be a bit loose, but I don't mind at the minute.  Whether this is a good plan, I don't know, but it's what I've got.  None of the above pots are anywhere near dry, so it'll be weeks before I fire, probably.


  1. I find that people who are friends on facebook always tend to tell you what you want to hear. I do put pictures of my pots on there, but just to keep an online presence...I don't pay much attention to what people say - as usually they'll say the pots are lovely, but they won't actually put their hands in their pockets. For what it's worth, I really like the 2nd of the large jugs most. The first tall jug reminds me of traditional medieval pottery - you've made a good job of the body, but think that the handle should be more of a gentle curve - it looks to have a kink in it near the top.
    Keep up the good work. I can't seem to get anywhere near making a living as a potter, so you're certainly doing ok in my book.

  2. David - I've sold two pots in 10 months - grand total of £70! I'm not even covering costs - been living on savings that are more or less gone. So I'm not making a living either - in fact close to giving up.

    Thanks for the feedback about the jugs. That handle kink was deliberate as it looked dead with a curved handle, but its not necessarily the best handle I've ever pulled. Anyway the bisque is on, will see if it fires without blowing up.