Saturday, 14 September 2013

New kiln.

Well, it's here.

With much help from my friend, Jon, who cut most of the bricks in to arch bricks,

we got the arch completed and pulled out the former.  It was a nice feeling to see this.

The iron work is holding nicely and hence the arch is staying up - I've put 4 inches of ceramic fibre as additional insulation.  It looks good.

We gave it a test spin, just because we could, really.

And here is the door in place.  I have numbered all these today, and now I have to mix a mortar to paint the brick work with, and to fit the bag wall inside, and I also need to find and clean kiln shelves.  Hopefully I'll do a bisque firing next week.  I think I have enough pots, although it is a lot bigger than I thought.

Finally, here's a little video of us removing the arch former.

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