Saturday, 14 September 2013

New kiln.

Well, it's here.

With much help from my friend, Jon, who cut most of the bricks in to arch bricks,

we got the arch completed and pulled out the former.  It was a nice feeling to see this.

The iron work is holding nicely and hence the arch is staying up - I've put 4 inches of ceramic fibre as additional insulation.  It looks good.

We gave it a test spin, just because we could, really.

And here is the door in place.  I have numbered all these today, and now I have to mix a mortar to paint the brick work with, and to fit the bag wall inside, and I also need to find and clean kiln shelves.  Hopefully I'll do a bisque firing next week.  I think I have enough pots, although it is a lot bigger than I thought.

Finally, here's a little video of us removing the arch former.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Some woodfired big pots.

At the firing course, we fired Sabine's soda kiln and Nic's groundhog kiln.  I have already put up pictures of the pots from the soda kiln, but I couldn't get down for the opening of the groundhog last weekend.  Fortunately a friend took some photos and has allowed me to use them.  So here are three of the big pots that I made.

The one above was in the front, and I pulled it over in to the embers when we had finished the firing (the pot was still hot and probably sticky at that point.)  I like this one a lot, from the photo, but of course, I haven't seen it in real life.

This pot above fell over during the firing - and I tried to hook this one back up at the end of the firing but couldn't get a grip on it.  On the way down, two of the big pots lost their rim, and so there was nothing to get a grip on really.  So it is stuck to the kiln shelf.  This one was also at the front of the kiln pack, near the firebox.

And the one above was underneath the side-stoke at the back of the kiln.  The lump of wadding stuck to the side was used to keep another pot from sticking to this one if it got knocked.  I quite like it.  It might come off, but again, this one has a broken rim, so might become a garden pot at the Gatehouse.

Well, that's the only news I have of the pots - there are some smaller fry but I don't have pictures of those.  I will have to arrange to go and collect them at some point.

I have also listed some pots on etsy - some of the wood and soda pots from Sabine's kiln, and some others that were fired in Matt's kiln.  See the top left hand corner for a display that'll take  you to the site.

That's all for now - I am busy trying to get the new soda kiln finished, so more on that later in the week hopefully.