Saturday, 3 August 2013

Still here!

I am going to try and resurrect this blog and attempt at more frequent postings.  Why?  Firstly, I think it is a useful marketing tool.  I don't really know who reads it, but if anyone reads it, that's good.

Secondly, it's a record of what I've done.  Since the last post, I have done a whole load of nothing!  Well, that isn't strictly true but the last month or so has seen an upsurge in work, once I managed to work out what I wanted to do, what I physically or financially couldn't do, and what I was going to do instead.  It has taken pretty much since December 2012 to work that out.  It's a compromise as you'll see, but it's a step forward.

Thirdly, I find other peoples blogs interesting.  A new one on the block is a blog about Svend Bayer, which is put together by Brigitte Colleaux, one of Svend's regular firing crew.  I really like it - it's great seeing Svend's work life, the flow of his process that produces what a lot of people might consider really expensive pots, but if you see the work involved, I hope you'd understand why and what you're paying for, and also the philosophy of why they are what they are.  Anyway, I am not saying this blog will be anything like that interesting, or consistent, but if I don't do it, I can't suggest to other people that it's a good idea...

Since the last post, I have decided not to wood fire.  I can't commit the money to buying expensive wood for a firing that may or may not work.  So at present, I have embarked on a small kiln to be fired by gas, and I'll add soda during the firing to create hopefully interesting pots.  As you can see, the kiln isn't finished yet.  The arch former needs to be remade, and I need to get steel in place to hold it up before creating the arch itself.  I have purchased some new bricks though.

I also have a load of hard bricks left so I might build a small wood kiln for experimenting with and to keep my hand in.

And so I have been making pots too.  Beakers and mugs and bowls and so forth.  These were for the new kiln, but I am also doing Nic's firing course in August, again, so I am making for that.  Specifically, I have been working on some bigger pots.

I like making these, but I haven't quite got into the rhythm for it yet.   I find the process needs too much thinking about and too much hard work, and so I think about it whilst I'm making.

I think the pots suffer a bit because of this.  Also it's a means to an end, so the coils are too big as I want to get to the end of making the pot quickly.  I need to slow down.

The one above is the one I like the most at the moment.

Cider had to come in to it somewhere.

The above two are a bit too top heavy.  I squeezed one of them when bringing it indoors to dry, and the rim has gone nice and wavy, which is nice.

I am also trying to sell some pots.  There are a few listed on, and some on ebay at the moment.  I have a few more to list, if anyone's interested.  My aim is to try and continue to do the pots as a job for as long as I can.  I am not sure how long it will last though.

Well, that's all for now.  Hopefully I will update as and when things happen.

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