Saturday, 24 August 2013

Some new pots!

Well, I have just spent a very enjoyable week at Nic and Sabine's, for their firing course.  Two kilns fired - Sabine's soda kiln and Nic's groundhog.  The soda kiln is a 30 hour firing or there abouts and is ready to open on the Saturday we go home, so here are my pots from there.

They're ok - I like them more when I look at them.  They are subtle though, and a bit uniform, but I have learnt a thing or two.  There are five cut-sided cups, with feet or simply bevelled bottoms.  Two are in tact but a bit pale, but nice, and the others were on their sides on shells, but have cracked.  Usable, though, so they'll go in the kitchen somewhere.  I think they were the Svend Bayer clay body and have produced some red on their sides, and taken the ash and reduction well.

This bottle is very brown but has lots of small purple-ish dots everywhere.

The above is a close up.  This is lesson one.  The clay I am using isn't so great.  It's clearly high in iron and the grog in is some sort of fire clay I guess.  So out with that one.

This is the same clay but with a slip over it.  I can't remember which slip though - titanium I think.  It's a wall vase for flowers.  Again, I like it, but it's plain.  But lesson two: slips are worth trying out on a pale plain body in the first firing of the new kiln.  Sabine uses a few different slips, each different, each producing lovely results.

And this is one of the big pots.  Again, with the high iron clay.

I also have pots in Nic's kiln, which will be opened next weekend, although I probably won't be there.  It'll be interesting to see how that clay copes in the long wood firing.  Two of the bigger pots were right at the front - I pulled one in to the firebox at the end, but the other fell back against a kiln shelf and couldn't be retrieved unfortunately.

Anyway, huge thanks to Nic and Sabine for putting up with us.  I've had a really great week.  I can really recommend the experience - book now for next year!

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