Monday, 25 February 2013

Pots from the mad wood kiln.

So here are some pots from the little wood kiln we built on Saturday.  They were better than I expected.  There was a distinct two ends of the spectrum - where the flame came in to the chamber it had got hot, and then under the flu exit, the flame didn't hit the pots at all so there simply were under fired.

But it was a fun experiment.  There was more ash than I'd expected, and quite a bit of black carbon trap. I'd hoped to mitigate that by letting the fire burn down enough before clamming up, but that didn't happen, and it cooled really quickly too (like 200 degrees in the first ten minutes.)

We had some blow ups and cracks too.  Hamish's pots weren't properly bisqued and so had some carbon material in them, plus I put an unbisqued cone pack in which simply exploded everywhere - that was most of the mess.

Still it was fun.  I think next time, we could blow some ash in to the chamber.  I would be more inclined towards putting in glazes that will take the ash, rather than bare clay.  Toasting is all very good and well, but it really needs more time in the fire, I think.

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