Friday, 22 February 2013

New pots, new workshop, nothing else new.

 So it has been some time since I last posted here.  I have been pretty lazy over the last few months, but not entirely.  I have cleared some of the area of the garden, and started working out the floor of the barn - half of it to become a concrete pad.  But, some of my plans have changed a bit.  Making some money seems like the first goal to head towards.

On that thought, I have sorted out my workshop - got rid of the large bookshelf, turfed out a load of stuff, and fitted a swish new wedging bench.  The next step is to build a small kiln - probably just a small catenary arch to tide me over.  I still don't have a wood supply, though.

I have also made and fired some pots with Matt - a few pictures below.  Most of the pots were unglazed, and in fact, many were fired raw.  This resulted in a lot of bloating in the clay body, which was a bit of a surprise, but some of the bloats aren't too intrusive I don't think.  There are some nice pots.  It was a 42 hour fire or there abouts.

Well, hopefully the next post won't be two months away.


  1. These look really nice Andrew. I'm glad you're getting set up in the shed. I hope you can get plenty of pots made this spring and summer. Just make stuff. You'll get the firing sorted out as well, and it's nice that you get pots in Matthew's kiln every now and then. Rock on!

  2. I found you via Peter's Pottery (opopots.blogspot). There's nothing like having your own space. Like Ron said, just keep working. Those are some enticing glazes.

    And what is the pizza oven Was it hard to build? Are there plans anywhere on line?