Wednesday, 11 July 2012

New clay, please.

I can sincerely say, since the last time I made a pot, I haven't made another one.  And that time was at Nics - see previous post about the throwing large course.  Anyway, haven't had time.  But today, this arrived:

450Kg of assorted clays - all stoneware and four bags of Margaret Frith porcelain - mostly the stoneware is the Svend Bayer clay.  Anyway, I decided I'd shift it into the shed, as currently my garden looks like this:

Anyway, I got as far as this:

when this happened:

Two stories there - one terminally flat tyre, plus a heavy thunder storm.  So, I got fed up at that point, and the rest of the clay ended up on my original clay heap, where the clays seeps from their bags, only to be replaced by Ants.

So this is how I left it.  Thankfully, I got some energy and the rest was moved this afternoon.

Not that I have any time to make pots, nor do I know what to make.  I have a few things that are inspiring me at the moment.  Currently, my 'studio' shed isn't in a great state - it's full of old pots I'd made at Hunstanton, over a year ago, and a group of kittens.