Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Don't all laugh at once.

Monty Don has a lot to answer for, for making me think I can do this (I can't.)  But I'm having a go.  So I made the shaving horse to make some tools - paddles and anvils.  I made two anvils as they're just a round of, in this case, cherry, with a slight bevel on the edge. 

But it's the paddles that are the bit I find difficult.  So I watched the master crafts episode again (I managed to find it on DVD.  In Australia!!!)  So using a froe, and a bit of wet ash kindly donated by Matt, I cleaved an 8 inch length in two after taking off a slight top edge.

The wood is partly white and partly a sort-of brown wood which seems very wet.  The brown is hard to cut but the white is like butter.  Anyway, I persevered.

Here's the first paddle.

It's a bit uneven and it's very very heavy.  Look how thick it is:

Anyway, it feels quite nice in the hand.  The draw-knife wasn't easy to use in making the handle, but again, I did what I could.

The second one (remember that's the first time I've used the tools, let alone made a paddle) I decided to split the other bit of wood differently.  Like last time I made two top cuts, and then made two middle cuts to make pieces more like little planks.  This time I wanted a longer paddle - short handle, long blade.  The log was a bit longer.

And here we have it:

It's a lot thinner:

It feels like you cold give someone a good spanking with it.  Or, if they are no good for making pots, then I could use them to pat butter.  They do feel rather nice in the hand, I have to say (I don't know what that says about me though.)

Here are the tools, which I bought from a green woodworking centre near Durham - they're nice tools but I have a nail coming off and a couple of blisters now.  I must say I like the froe best.

Anyway, Nic, when he makes these, burns them with a gas flame and then brushes them, which might help to make them flatter (although they are reasonably flat, but not perfect.)  I also need to cut some cross hatching in to them, but I'm not sure how to go about that yet (I used a grinder on the anvil.)

Well, that was this afternoons work.  I still have three bits of wood to try and make some better ones but they'll have to wait as I'm off again tomorrow for a few days.