Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What kind of an idiot...

...would buy a really knackered broken-down fuel inefficient tipper truck, to wield things about the country, when it would be cheaper to hire one or just pay for the delivery of stuff.

Oh.  Hang on...

All I need now is a cheap/free wood source.


  1. Answer: A man.

    I love it!!

  2. Quite. I had a feeling you'd understand :)

    Hopefully it'll spur me in to doing something. Although it is really really knackered - legal though - but not for long trips.

    Will have to get a working stereo fitted though, and work out how to wind the windows down properly.

  3. You could just sing loudly as you drive along, sans stereo. But yes, you'll need to get the windows working. I really think it's cool.

  4. At least you're halfway there! You have the truck!
    You know you will enjoy tinkering with it...