Sunday, 18 March 2012

First pots in over six months.

I've spent the weekend at Nic and Sabine's, on their 'Throwing Large' course.  I hadn't thrown any pots since October 2011 - not really wanted to, not got around to it - but have come back mildly inspired.  

I learnt about making pots through coiling, using Nic's doughnut method, and in parts.  The bottle above has a silly handle, but must have been 16 or 18 inches tall - coiled.

The jar above is about 6 inches tall - just used to test technique of making in two parts.  Although I'd tried all these methods, the only one that had worked for me was making pots in parts, but I reckon the pots I made were more chance than anything.

Can't say much more as my internet hasn't been working, but all in all, it's been a brilliant weekend.  I think Nic is thinking of doing another in September - I can highly recommend.

That is all.


  1. Hey Andy!!! So great to see some pots on here. I'm glad you got back over to Nic and Sabine's, a good way to get inspired. Hopefully with the coming spring and summer you'll be making some more pots and stoking some wood. (?)

  2. Good to see you back! I almost applied for the course that you have just been on, as I saw that it was one person short at some stage. Sadly, I didn't take the plunge (and I am regretting it a bit now), but I'm glad that you have done some more with clay again. I like the textures on the pot in your first photo, I really thought I was looking an ancient pot that had been unearthed (that's a compliment). Anyway, Best Wishes and hope that you get some time for potting again. P.

  3. Thanks Ron - yes, I'm hoping it'll help get me going again. Still a bit cold here though.

    Peter - erm, aren't you in New Zealand? I think Nic will be doing another one at some stage - it was worth doing - Nics techniques work and he's really quite a good teacher actually. The texture came from using a paddle with a cross-hatch pattern on it, but that pot was quite heavy so I'll need to practice. Well, if you did come over let us all know, would be nice to meet up.

  4. Hey Andy. Good to see you making pots again + they look good! First time I've heard of anyone being 'mildly' inspired.

  5. Well you know me, I don't like to over state things :)

  6. Andrew you are wonderful! 'Mildly' inspired. Bless you. I hope the Sept course is one that I have free. Fingers crossed.