Sunday, 22 May 2011

House and Pots.

For those not in the know, I am currently working three days a week back in the office world of IT.  It's paying the bills and allowing me to spend four days a week doing other things.  At the moment, since I have pulled out of Potfest Scotland, I am doing some of the garden chores.  So this weekend I created this space:

Doesn't look that impressive, except to do it I had to fill this:

Anyway, the place still looks a mess, but it's a bit better.  Here's the view of the kiln - you can see my extensive national collection of nettles (interlaced with a variety of willowherbs - a smashing combination.)

Well, I got some plants in to pots too - here's the window where the building rubble used to be:

And at the back door, a herb garden in pots.  I'm going to have to make some big pots for plants - I don't like the plastic ones much - they're functional and not undecorative in their way, but not what I'd like.  Anyway, the wind is picking up here - so I expect to find them scattered everywhere at some point.

Anyway, i am still making pots, although not as many.  I still do one day a week in Hunstanton, and have found that I can get pots home if they are allowed to dry out a little too much.  Some survive, some don't.  I've more or less decided to halt the earthenware experiment for a bit, so I can get a wood firing going at some point.  I never managed to fix the glaze peeling/shivering issue and after throwing a whole lot of pots away of the last few weeks, i've decided it's a waste of time.  But here are a few recent efforts.


  1. Looks good Andy! I think getting back to the woodfiring will be great for you. Nice to see the kiln there, a proper shed would do wonders. It's all about preparation and getting on with it. Make, make, make. Look forward to seeing what you get into. I hope the job is going okay too. I'm sure it's providing you with a bit of social interaction with people, something that is missed when one is at home making pottery all the time. Best,

  2. Thx Ron. Job's going ok - not sure about the social interaction bit - IT guys aren't always the most obvious choice to hang around with, but I'm working with a friend I've known for, what, 17 years, so it's good fun.

    Yes woodfiring is the way to go. I think a kiln rebuild is a good plan too - did you see the little video I put up on FB, from Kamaka pottery in NZ - a small anagama. I think I might build one of those, but inside the barn (make the chimney and flue come out the side and up. Need a few more bricks, but basically that shouldn't be too hard to do. Need to clear the barn first though, which is another skip...

  3. Really lovely slip decoration. Hope your job is going well.