Sunday, 22 May 2011

House and Pots.

For those not in the know, I am currently working three days a week back in the office world of IT.  It's paying the bills and allowing me to spend four days a week doing other things.  At the moment, since I have pulled out of Potfest Scotland, I am doing some of the garden chores.  So this weekend I created this space:

Doesn't look that impressive, except to do it I had to fill this:

Anyway, the place still looks a mess, but it's a bit better.  Here's the view of the kiln - you can see my extensive national collection of nettles (interlaced with a variety of willowherbs - a smashing combination.)

Well, I got some plants in to pots too - here's the window where the building rubble used to be:

And at the back door, a herb garden in pots.  I'm going to have to make some big pots for plants - I don't like the plastic ones much - they're functional and not undecorative in their way, but not what I'd like.  Anyway, the wind is picking up here - so I expect to find them scattered everywhere at some point.

Anyway, i am still making pots, although not as many.  I still do one day a week in Hunstanton, and have found that I can get pots home if they are allowed to dry out a little too much.  Some survive, some don't.  I've more or less decided to halt the earthenware experiment for a bit, so I can get a wood firing going at some point.  I never managed to fix the glaze peeling/shivering issue and after throwing a whole lot of pots away of the last few weeks, i've decided it's a waste of time.  But here are a few recent efforts.