Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Today I've been in Hunstanton demonstrating at the craft centre - Le Strange Old Barns - named because of the Le Strange family, it's not some silly faux franglais.

Well, I threw about 100 lbs of clay plus, as some of it I threw twice!  Heres some mugs and bowls and a platter made by beating the clay like Brandon demonstrated a few weeks back.

I did a bigger one but it had that ridge that Brandon talked about - looks like it slumped.

Anyway, it has been warm and I lost a lot of pots to the sun.  I did handle and slip the mugs that survived the journey home, which wasn't that many (most of those bowls perished.)

Well, I sold a pot while I was there last week, and sold a pot today, but sold nothing in between.  Early days though.  I didn't have to top up the stock anyway.

All in all, though, it hasn't been a bad day but not a great one either.  The car is starting to play up a bit - feels ever so lumpy to drive - and during yesterday (in the daytime) I fired this big jug hoping to take it along today:

Looked ok at first, but, naturally, the glaze/slip has peeled from the handle, and it did this:

which I think is due to glazing it whilst it was piping hot - lots of glaze inside at the base.  It isn't that great a pot anyway, but still, it has cost me nearly 40 pounds to get it this far (clay and materials plus two firings where it was the only pot - the one during the day yesterday was expensive, but I normally fire at night with cheaper electricity.)

Right, exhausted now.  Need to hit the supermarket, and make food - muscles hurt too - wish I had a bath!  Ho hum.

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