Saturday, 2 April 2011

Nics Goldmark Show.

Spent the morning, and a bit of the afternoon at Nic's show at the Goldmark gallery.  It's fantastic - well worth a visit if you're in the area, or even if you're not.  Lots of stunning pots - ranging from small guinomi up to large jars with blue glass streaming from the handles.  Simply great to see, and nice to see so many red dots!

Of course, all the important people were there, including Ducky.

It was lovely to see Nic and Sabine and Elsa again, and to run in to a whole bunch of other folks - Doug, Tony, Brian, Paul Y, Kate W, Matt B, and others.

Anyway, here's a bunch of pictures that don't really do the pots justice, but it gives a flavour.  The booklet is excellent and of course, the film of Nic is the Goldmark's best yet (although i would say that.)

This next pot has been through about 20 firings - including a few that I'd been involved in.  The porcelain bowl stuck to the side is one of Tonys, I think.  Someone bought it - I hope they enjoy it, it's a stunner.


  1. I want to go see this show, especially after seeing the video. Life would be so much easier if I drove but I don't.

    Watching his video does make me want to wood fire, but I could barely afford the top loading electric kiln that I bought when I opened my studio/shop last November

  2. Well I can highly recommend a trip down, although it might be a bit of a trek for you (I'm assuming you're around Preston somewhere.) There is a bus from Leicester to Uppingham, if that's at all helpful? Probably not. But the pots are much better seen in real life - much more detail, much more presence to them.

    Anyway, yes, kilns are expensive things, as is wood, if you can't find a friendly source. There's nothing quite like it though - I'm yearning to do some more, but expense and hard work are defeating me somewhat. There are lots of small things you can do in a garden, though - especially if you're only going to raku or earthenware temperatures.

  3. Thanks for the pics Andy. Would love to visit Nic next time I'm over. Should have gotten a couple of his pots at Hatfield that year.

  4. A bit closer to Blackpool than Preston but yes that neck of the woods.

    I did a lot of gas firing when I was at UCLAN it was only after I left I realised it would have been several hundred pounds just on my firings alone.

    I built a wood kiln at university but wasn't there for the firing as my little boy was much younger then and I couldn't leave him any longer than I did. Now he is 3 and a bit more independent, and I don't feel as bad leaving him with his Grandma. Just my shop that stops me getting about. Definitely going to aim to get down there, just need to find a day.