Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Today I've been in Hunstanton demonstrating at the craft centre - Le Strange Old Barns - named because of the Le Strange family, it's not some silly faux franglais.

Well, I threw about 100 lbs of clay plus, as some of it I threw twice!  Heres some mugs and bowls and a platter made by beating the clay like Brandon demonstrated a few weeks back.

I did a bigger one but it had that ridge that Brandon talked about - looks like it slumped.

Anyway, it has been warm and I lost a lot of pots to the sun.  I did handle and slip the mugs that survived the journey home, which wasn't that many (most of those bowls perished.)

Well, I sold a pot while I was there last week, and sold a pot today, but sold nothing in between.  Early days though.  I didn't have to top up the stock anyway.

All in all, though, it hasn't been a bad day but not a great one either.  The car is starting to play up a bit - feels ever so lumpy to drive - and during yesterday (in the daytime) I fired this big jug hoping to take it along today:

Looked ok at first, but, naturally, the glaze/slip has peeled from the handle, and it did this:

which I think is due to glazing it whilst it was piping hot - lots of glaze inside at the base.  It isn't that great a pot anyway, but still, it has cost me nearly 40 pounds to get it this far (clay and materials plus two firings where it was the only pot - the one during the day yesterday was expensive, but I normally fire at night with cheaper electricity.)

Right, exhausted now.  Need to hit the supermarket, and make food - muscles hurt too - wish I had a bath!  Ho hum.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Nics Goldmark Show.

Spent the morning, and a bit of the afternoon at Nic's show at the Goldmark gallery.  It's fantastic - well worth a visit if you're in the area, or even if you're not.  Lots of stunning pots - ranging from small guinomi up to large jars with blue glass streaming from the handles.  Simply great to see, and nice to see so many red dots!

Of course, all the important people were there, including Ducky.

It was lovely to see Nic and Sabine and Elsa again, and to run in to a whole bunch of other folks - Doug, Tony, Brian, Paul Y, Kate W, Matt B, and others.

Anyway, here's a bunch of pictures that don't really do the pots justice, but it gives a flavour.  The booklet is excellent and of course, the film of Nic is the Goldmark's best yet (although i would say that.)

This next pot has been through about 20 firings - including a few that I'd been involved in.  The porcelain bowl stuck to the side is one of Tonys, I think.  Someone bought it - I hope they enjoy it, it's a stunner.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Nic Collins - a portrait.

This has appeared on-line - it's great.  Sums up Nics passion for pots - the passion that inspired me to woodfire, and taught me more about pots than anyone else has, probably.  Really looking forward to going to the show tomorrow.