Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Sunny Hunny.

Spent the day demonstrating at the Le Strange Old Barns in Hunstanton, or Sunny Hunny as it is colloquially known.  I had a bit of a panic this morning, as I had to pack up a load of pots to take with me.  Here's the display:

This is the space I get for my pots.  It isn't as big as I'd thought it was - which is just as well because when i packed up the pots, I found many had blown their glaze or peeled.  Even the black slip is showing signs, which suggests I haven't actually fixed any of my problems.  This is all pretty demoralising.

Anyway, it wasn't very busy, but I did talk to some people, including a couple of fellow Anglian Potters members, which was great.  Everyone was friendly.  I sold one pot, which was good, although the cost probably didn't cover my petrol costs in the end.  But who knows what'll happen - it is only Wednesday, and it was raining.  The pot I sold is heading to Boston, I think.

I'm there again next Wednesday, then the Wednesday after that, then the following Sunday.

Here are a couple of big jugs I made the other day:

Trying to make some that are less like Doug's jugs.  The top one is pretty heavy, the next one...

has a scroll which I pulled off the bottom of the handle.  It's slightly less fat than the first, but uses less clay, so it feels better.  Anyway, I've slipped them - fat one got a pattern, the second one will get oxides blown on to it - something I'm enjoying doing.

Here's the one from the other day:

All leafed up, with stuff from the garden - dead nettle, clover, creeping cinquefoil and some member of the apiaceae - probably just cow parsley.  A bit plain, but it'll do.  Of course, they have to get past drying out (S-cracks) and bisquing next.


  1. Good looking display Andrew. Ring them about the clay, do it do it. If enough people tell them they'll have to buck their ideas up.

  2. Definatly, - Do you remember me saying about finding a yummy 8 bags of White st. Thomas? They threw like a dream, they were at least 9yrs old. Then I realised why they were hidden as every single barstewarding pot blew up in the bisque.
    That's 200k of throwing.
    Ring them!

  3. excellent news that you're giving le strange a go....its so cool that peeps are friendly makes a place really does!!! hope you sort out the clay issue too.