Friday, 25 March 2011

Hankering for a wood firing.

Today has been a bit of a dead loss really.  I woke up really early, then went back to sleep and didn't wake up again until after 11.  And then, as I was eating cereal, I had some visitors - John Whately (spelling? - sorry John) and his wife appeared at the gate, from a holiday in Felixstowe.  Lovely to see them - they bought with them a pot that I made that was fired in Nics kiln last April, but which had ended up with them somehow.  Set the day up nicely that did.

Then, I had a kiln on overnight with a cider jar in it - black slip, deco through glaze - and a re-fire of a mixing bowl that had a single burst bubble inside.  Well, what a waste of time and money.  The big jar popped - looks like a lime blow out - and the deco was just about gone.  It wasn't a nice pot anyway, really.  And the re-fire was even more bubbly and worse than it was before.  So that'll become a flower pot or something.

Anyway, i should be making stock for Hunstanton, but I have no prepared red clay.  But I did find a mystery clay - nice and wet and ready to go.  I think it is one of the bags of clay I mixed up last year, based on Nics clay recipe.  I wedged in a load of sand - and I mean a load - and then thew some pots off the hump - tea bowls, open tea bowls, some rice bowls and a couple of vases.

I must admit, it was lovely to throw compared to the red earthenware clay.  Much more open and much much softer - almost too soft so some of these bowls might be a touch heavy.  I am going to have a go at turning some of these with a sharp stick, like I've seen Ken Matsuzaki do on a video that I have of him.  The feet are nice and soft that way.  But possibly only on the two tea bowl shapes - so they probably won't survive.

I am really hankering to do a wood firing.  I think I have two participants to share in the cost and hopefully some of the work involved in preparing the wood I have.  Not sure about time scales just yet, but anyway, this'll be my contribution hopefully.  We'll see.

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