Thursday, 10 March 2011


Ah, catchy blog post title, eh?  This is what happens when honey goes wrong.  It goes a deep deep orange, or brown as it's otherwise known.  Think it went on a bit thick.  Mugs are ok, in brown.

I like these beakers with the black slip on the outside, revealed.  It didn't flux like I'd hoped it would, so it's quite matt and a bit rough - like a brushed steel or aluminium - which I don't mind but I know that puts people off.  Not sure if it's going to come off or not.  I lost one of these due to a grit stone in the base.  More of the woe later.

These bowls are a disappointment.

Anyway, the slip on these is AT based, but I didn't have the test results, so I added some china clay and then didn't mix it well.  Result?  Ping ping ping ping ping.  So far, 3 have peeled a bit - one stone in base.  Out of 13 pots in the firing, that's a 30% failure rate.  Not as bad as wood firing (when you'd get about 30% good pots!)

I have a few old pots that have now pinged on the body due to lime or something in the clay.

Anyone want to buy an arm or a leg?  I have two pairs for sale...

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