Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Black decoration on a black background.

Another 'experiment' - I liked the last one with the blown oxides, but not sure anyone else did - but this one I'm not so sure about.  The jar is a heavy old thing and not sure the shape is the greatest - I trimmed around the bottom, but could have taken a lot more off, but never mind.

Decoration is through the glaze, over a black slip.  I've added some more manganese and cobalt to the slip since I did this one, and not sure it needed it.  It's quite a rich dark brown at the moment. 

I haven't got much variety in terms of decoration - I'm liking this overlapping arches pattern, but I can't use it on everything, and I don't always get it right.  It isn't quite right on this pot.  Anyway, it's quite subtle as it is, black on black.

Well, I have a couple more jars that have black slip, so I'm going to have to do this again unless I make some just plain black jars.  I think the Cardew pots I'm basing this on were bigger and had bolder decoration.  But as I've done it, it seems a bit pointless.

Good point, though - no peeling.  Different slip, of course - body clay with added oxides - would have been disappointed if this had peeled.


  1. very nice black slip andy, i think it's goer this one!!....I made quite a mess yesterday with some will use it outside from now on :P still under my fingernails and all over the floor!!!

  2. Well I've added even more oxide since, so it'll be interesting to see what it's like on the next pots. It is nice and shiney. But comes out of the bisque firing rather pale and horrid - quite remarkable what a bit of heat does to it.

    Yes, all slip is messy stuff. Several times I've managed to pour it all down my legs, or over my shoes. Definitely for outside use only.