Wednesday, 16 February 2011

An update.

It's been quite a nice day here, on and off.  The sun is shining as it sets over the Ouse cut-off channel.  The gate is shut.  My windscreen has been replaced after cracking even more over the weekend.

So I've been making some bigger pots.  Not sure where I can fire these yet, but I'll work that out.  I saw - or I thought I saw - a photo of some jars that Michael Cardew made, in one of the books I have.  Well, I can't find it and I don't think it exists, in fact.  So what inspired me last week to make these, I don't know:

They are more like the shape I made for those ash-covered jars I made for wood-firing, except these are earthenware.  I'm not sure what they're going to be like, or whether they're a bit old fashioned, but I shall fire them and see.  There was another one that got the slip trailer treatment, which didn't work, so I spread it out with my fingers and it'll be kind of Korean in style, if I fire it.

I have to admit that I cheat with these.   I make them with thick bases and then turn them on a chuck.  I can control the shape better then, although I don't like all these shapes (the last one, in particular, I'm not sure about.)

And today, I've made a couple more big jars, again, Cardew inspired.  But this time, they are thrown as-is - no thicker bases.  In fact, they're a bit of a Cardew rip-off really, except I can't make pots with nice throwing rings.  Here are the two I made:

I'm not sure about the one with the handles - the handles look too big, although the pot is a good 12 inches tall.  The other might get lugs or something.  I was thinking of either mixing up a black slip and then drawing through the glaze, or a white slip with blowing on an oxide - iron or manganese.

Also made two bottles:

The last one will get a little jug handle, probably.

These pots are all a bit rough and ready, but they're what I can make at the moment.  And although I made a load of beakers today as well, the small things only go so far, and I need to make things that'll give a bit more of a whack, even if it's only £40 (and I can fire it for that.)

Anyway, more to do tomorrow - bowls and mugs specifically.


  1. Andrew, these pots look great, I can see the Cardew influence, they really are great.
    sellers for sure.

  2. Hey Andy, there's no such thing as cheating! Thick bases + turning is often the only way to get away from bottom heavy (visually) pots.