Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Turning and slipping bowls.

Another little video - a bit shorter this time - showing me cutting a foot on a bowl, and then slipping and decorating it.  I'm not sure I like the bowls very much - they're more soupy than breakfasty I think, which since spring is on its way, is perhaps not what I should be making.  Who knows?

Also, I received this in the post today:

It's a slip trailer, made by my friend Hannah.  I shall try to put it to good use, although I doubt I'd ever be as good with it as she is.  Thanks H.


  1. Hummmm, there are times when I think we risk being raided by the drugs squad! A strange looking device that (sorry Hannah!), but the main risk to the user would be permanent blockage of the sinus passages if used to snort slip! My own slip trailer looks just as funny, mine has been made from the plastic body of a pen that has been bound with string to a balloon. Looks terrible, but works well. I used it for trailing thick shino glaze over pots that I wood fired. I'm waiting for your video to download, we have a terrible connection speed this afternoon, I think New Zealand's copper wire is over stretched with bored teenagers facebooking their friends around the world! I enjoyed the one of you throwing a cider jar on the wheel. You looked very at home there, and I loved the music that went with it. Must dash now and check the kiln, then have a look at your latest video.
    Best Wishes, P.

  2. Thanks Peter. Well, I hope it was worth the wait. Being in the middle of nowhere myself, I know the feeling of having to wait for things.

    I have spent a bit of time trying to work out how to make that trailer work. And I am no slip trailer, i can tell you. I can drag my fingers through slip, or use funny tools, but slip trailing is an art that's going to take some mastering.

    Not sure about snorting slip - I can think of better things to snort. But the delivery part of that trailer does appear to be part of a pen. Unfortunately, at the moment, all i can get it to do is deliver very wet slip at high speeds, or very thick slip at slow speeds. I need something in between I think.

    Oh well - I shall try again at some point.