Friday, 4 February 2011

New pots, again.

Some new pots out of the kiln this morning.  Some are ok, some are not to my liking.  The brush work pots are an experiment - I like the ones with the broad brush marks, but not the cross or round-the-body leaf patterns - I like them on other peoples pots, i just can't do it.

I like the stripey pots - especially the two square sectioned footed cups.

Downside - some of these are showing signs of shivering - the glaze on the rims is coming off in sharp little bits of glass.  I think this is partly the temperature - possibly producing bubbles in the glaze - there's nothing much in the glaze to cause issues.  Will think about a solution at some point.  Only happens on the clear glaze, not on the yellow glaze, which is a shame as I was thinking of concentrating on the clear glaze.  We'll see.


  1. Sounds like the glaze is shrinking more than the clay along the edges. Hope you get it straightened out, cause those are some great looking pots!

  2. Thanks. The suggestion is to decrease the silica in the glaze to help it fit better - almost push it towards crazing and then bring it back - as it looks like it's the glaze lifting off and not the underlying slip. Gonna try a different ball clay in the glaze and see if it fixes it.