Friday, 18 February 2011

Doing stuff.

I've mixed up a new batch of white slip this morning.  I did a bit of slipping yesterday, but for these bigger pots, my bucket is too small, and the slip wasn't deep enough.  Anyway, here's the bellarmine, with handle, slipped.

I might make some more of these - it was a pot went wrong, actually, and half way through I decided it was going to be a bottle.  When I belly out, I belly out from the bottom first, but that shrinks the pot.  So I also belly out from the top down, which stretches the clay but keeps the height (I also pull-up and belly out at the same time, earlier on in the process.)  Anyway, it lost it a bit half way through, but I quite like it.  This may get scratched on by someone who's turning out to be quite good at it.

I have also slipped some beakers.  They're very Winchcombe:

I prefer the half-slipped ones I think.  This is what they turn out like:

When pots go wrong, they tend to go in to service in one of the family households.  Yesterday, I discovered that my pots tend to leak a bit - they sweat a bit underneath.  I started out glazing functional pots all over, and firing on stilts.  I'm wondering whether to go back to that.  Saying that, almost all the earthenware pots I have do exactly the same.  It doesn't worry me, I'm just a bit worried that it might worry the people who buy my pots.

These mixing bowls came out of the kiln yesterday:

These were inspired by day-time television.  I saw one being used - filled with stewed fruit, or some jam or something, in a Devon cottage.

Again, I quite like them, but they are very rough and ready.  What I call country pots - made and decorated quickly, I guess.  I'm trying to spend a bit more time on things and be a bit more careful.

Actually, they look better in real life.  The sun isn't out here, so the pictures look a bit drab.

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