Thursday, 13 January 2011

Slipping and cutting.

Today I've slipped some mugs and cut some feet.  The mugs are very Doug-esque, I'm afraid - just simple marks.  Not sure what they'll look like with a glaze on them.

I did three small ones with slip inside as well as out.  They weren't quite so successful.

For a start they changed shape slightly:

My slip was very thick and the pots probably a touch too wet still.  I am prone to impatience.  Thanks to Doug, Ron and Paul J I have adjusted my slip and I've slipped one pot just on the inside, which I'm going to let dry before I do the outside.

I cut some feet too.  Four yunomi and a couple of tea bowls:

I say tea bowls, but they're not really - they're probably too big for a start.  No japanese person would recognise them as such, I don't think.  The feet look fancy until you get up close  - the cross-cut one is a bit of a mess, but I made it a bit better with the help of a sponge.  It was too big for my wire.  I like cut feet like this.

Here are some beakers I threw yesterday, waiting to be fettled and slipped - almost all the same size.  Not bad considering I've been out of it for three months.

That's all for now.


  1. Pots look good. HOpe to see more. Yep that slipped looked a bit on the thick side. You'll get it after a few more tries. Onward....