Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A new year, a new blog.

Here we go again.  I've blogged on and off since 2005 and this is my third incarnation.  I wonder how long this one will last.

At the present time, I am completely out of money - virtually no savings left.  I should be looking for a new job urgently, but for some reason I have embarked on making, not just new pots but a new type of pot.

These are earthenware pots - slipware - different clay, different style of decoration, lower temperature.  The firings are much easier - there's no chopping of wood or lengthy processes of stoking and staying awake - they get put in the kiln, it fires overnight, and they're there in the morning.

The difficulty for me is that I relied on the fire to decorate the pots, because it's something I'm not very good at.  But i can dip things in slip and make marks, which for the time being, will have to do.  But I'm trying to make a similar set of pots that I made for wood-firing, so this is a take on the traditional English slipware tradition, I hope - tea bowls, yunomis, beer tankards and mugs are what I've made so far.

I will need at some point to think of a way of selling these once they're complete and if they come out ok (more on that later.)  Any ideas would be gratefully received.  So far, I have sold on ebay and through fairs.  I am not doing any fairs this year as they were largely a money pit.  I have sold a few items on ebay.  I will try etsy again.  Local markets - especially in Cambridge.  Any more ideas?

I reckon I have about four weeks to make this work or I am in big trouble.


  1. Hey Andy, Good to see you blogging again and the pots look good too. Nice feet on those bowls.
    Not sure what to say about selling...it takes doing all sorts of things, most of which you've done. Craft fairs, online, wholesale or consignment to galleries. No one thing seems to be a sure winner. I do it all, sometimes it's good and sometimes it's the pits. Four weeks doesn't seem like much time to cash in. Ha. Unless you really crank it out and have some sort of grand success, which would be Awesome!!!
    Really it's persistence, finding what works, what doesn't and adapting as you can. Of course you know that. Doing it because you love it and putting that passion out there for folks to see and hear goes a long way in selling pots too. I look forward to seeing some of your earthenware fired!!

  2. Thanks Ron. As ever, new blog, you're the first to comment :)

    Yes, 4 weeks isn't very long, but if I can make some of what I need to live then it'll keep me going. We'll see - I might end up in a job anyway - just reluctant to go find one.

    I have already fired some of my slipware work, with good and bad results. Will write a post about that soon.

  3. Well I wish you good luck as always! And a job, part time or otherwise, isn't a bad thing. It may be nice to have something 'else' to do while you're working on the clay bit.
    Post some slipware images, would love to see them. What glaze are you using?

  4. looking good love those feet!! and perhaps less frustration with firings unless you decide to woodfire them that is :) if you could find a nice lil shop to stock your work it gives you great exposure and a few nice sales should start coming in..